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Active Projects

Marketing/Promotion: Conducting ongoing digital marketing initiatives for Lexington Center service

Community Programs: Working with four Lexington organizations on town-wide community programs

Marketing Strategy: Advising local restaurant on marketing strategies and opportunities

Executive Coach: Providing coaching services to three local business owners

Project Management:  Directing the licensing of industry guidebook to be published in other US cities

​Grassroots Marketing: Orchestrating a new strategy for local franchise to reach target audience


Completed Projects

Special Events:  Event execution for healthcare facility, assisted local movie producer for location scouting

Branding: Rebranding assessment for a mental health and education provider

Talent Search: Search for teachers for summer distance-learning programs (three different facilities)

Website Redesign: Completely new website completed in three days* for Lexington Center business

Promotions: Assisted Marrett Square retailer after reopening with expanding service options

Public Relations: Completed a summary of PR agencies suitable for a Caribbean resort

Communications:  Directed the rewrite, edit, and production of a book authored by a local business owner

Business Launch:  Provided introductions to local organizations for a new retail location in Lexington

Sales:  Completed sales and marketing strategy assessment and sales training for local franchise

Publicity:  Created, executed and completed publicity plan for a new guide, a recently published book

Social Media:  Created new social media plan for Lexington Center business


*For an affordable price.

orange puzzle piece